About Us

 David Arzayus




Walter White, the character from TVs Breaking Bad (a science teacher turned illicit meth manufacturer) has been reincarnated in David Arzayus, and come back as a scientist-barista pushing the limits of modern coffee brewing.

David Arzayus left combined his love of engineering and science, with his passion for all things: coffee.

David  use a wide range of scientific equipment unfamiliar to everyday baristas but common to an engineer, including a laser thermometer and a steam cleaner in his work. You will be absolutely amazed at what his creativity can produce. He truly is someone pushing the limits of his field.

–  Ted Lachmansingh




Cafe del Mural will offers your the best and most unique coffee tasting experience in Cartagena.

David will take you on an educational journey through coffee harvesting and production. Throw in some philosophy on the the evils of modern industrial coffee production plus his encyclopedic knowledge of the brewing techniques of various cultures…

 Our Promise


You will have one truly amazing educational experience or… we will try it again!


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